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Pittsburgh; Frank Bryan, under the Liberty Bridge.

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Frank Bryan Materials Group

Frank Bryan Concrete

These photos are from July 2012 and October 2014. I love this construction depot. It reminds me of everything Pittsburgh. They filmed a portion of the Dark Knight Rises here. I was thrilled to recognize it during the movie. Pittsburgh is just the best.

Wedding Week – Day 1

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I am so insanely lucky. The last weekend of my single life couldn’t have been any better. I have no words to describe the gratefulness that pours from my soul. Seven and a half years ago, I moved to Pittsburgh on a dreadfully cold, sun-splashed February day. It was the day I decided to grow up. It was only fitting that the bookend to that chapter was placed here, my home away from home, in a quaint little cabin a jaunt up 28 and of course, at PNC Park.

In years’ past, I rarely lacked words, but in the recent months, I have typically been rendered speechless. I am finding that words don’t usually do much justice to the things we wish to explain. I only wish I could describe how much these guys mean to me and how a weekend like this helps put that into a sharper focus. I love them so much and without their kindness and friendship and brotherhood, I would not be who I am and I would not be capable of marrying my lovely lady.

The last bastion of bachelorhood has been conquered, in the place where it truly began. A story starts anew this weekend but that one couldn’t have happened without this one. And it is to these guys who I owe so much to. I wish words would do justice to the deepest feelings of thankfulness that my heart wishes to express…


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Daniel Sepulveda | South Side of Pittsburgh

Daniel Sepulveda | South Side of Pittsburgh

On a Friday in early December of 2006, I just up and decided that I was going to move to Pittsburgh. Just under two months later, I had a small apartment in the South Side neighborhood, just off East Carson Street. I had no heat for the first few days and just about $100 in the bank. It was February in Pittsburgh and no heat at that very grey time of year can be pretty tough. My dad let me borrow a space heater that helped out a little bit until it fizzled out a few weeks later. Not long after I arrived, I got my first Pittsburgh Magazine assignment. It was for the Top Docs Issue that’d be coming out that spring. The photo I shot never ran, but they paid me a kill fee of 40%, I think; surely more than my $100. By that autumn, a new art director had arrived and she pretty much gave me any assignment I wanted. When it was time to shoot Pittsburgh’s Most Beautiful People, I asked her if there were any athletes on the list. She said she wasn’t sure but if there were I could shoot them.

On a cold and dreary Monday in early November, I drove into the South Side practice facility to photograph the punter – Daniel Sepulveda. I got my media pass and watched the end of practice. After shooting a bunch of photos on my DSLR, I loaded one roll of Tri-X into my Hasselblad. Sepulveda says to me, “What’s that?”. I said, “It’s a film camera”. He said it looked funny. I made 12 quick photos and headed out. In retrospect, I wish I’d’ve shot more film back in those days, but I was enamored with this new stuff that, to be honest, suffered the quality of my work for some time. In the end, I am glad I shot these images on the Hasselblad though. They’re surely some of my favorite.

betty troublemaker

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betty troublemaker

betty troublemaker

wake up, wake up. you’ve been sleeping for the past few years…

it’s a cold, drizzly, blurry april morning in pittsburgh. head east on carson and right on becks run. somewhere up in the hills of carrick a small ranch house with cedar siding awaits. the green and blue lights of the fuzzy cd screen foggily light the darkness of the dashboard while the newest music i’ve acquired snakes out of the speakers.

love songs. oh, how i love love.

wake up. wake up. from your slumber made of fears…

the days there are lonely and hard. the angles of the drywall are abundant and greater than ninety degrees. several back-and-forths to carnegie later, there is enough vinyl to sufficiently cover the spaces between them. the only real company is lanny frattare’s familiar, and friendly, voice calling buccos games through the orblike ten-dollar-radio from rite aid.

the pirates lose. again.

cause the world is beautiful. and you are beautiful. and god knows, you’re beautiful, to me…

the heart is a restless thing. it aches for what it does not know and it is never satisfied. but these lyrics burn their way into my brain. they echo. they haunt. their story becomes my story. fiction and true fortune are so co-mingled, so blurred. the sharpness of reality becomes the cloudiness of a dream woken up from too soon. the grain and layers and fog envelop everything. soft blues and muted greys covered in film-like grain dot the landscape of this mystical wilderness. the pines shoot from the fields with great upheaval, tossing grey earth heavenward. fog rolls in and as if looking thru reticulated lenses, the sky stoops low. the fair lady has indeed arrived; and then, vanished. like oil through the fingers, she is gone…

to sleep, perchance, to dream!

wake up. wake up. see the thing that you’ve been missing…

the bleak pittsburgh morning blinks through my windows and the scent of hazelnut coffee is already hanging in the air. but the other side of my bed is still cold, still empty; no one asleep under the homemade steelers blanket other than myself. and myself has slept far too long.

wake up wake up. i love you. are you listening?

her soft skin tightens against the forceful march air as she marches across the wind-spewn cornfield with delicacy. she has sharp green eyes and they dazzle like daggers from against the backdrop of the sundrenched verdant pines. her jaw is sharp and her ears hold her heavy earrings with ease. film has been spooled through the ancient camera and the blue balloons ripple overhead. grain and texture dominate what’s left in this winter wasteland; all too soon the old man will pass on and the fresh baby’s breath of spring will melt the icy air.

cause the world is beautiful. and you are beautiful. and god knows, you’re beautiful, to me…

come, let’s away!


reviewing old film scans

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Abraham. Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh.

I love shooting on overcast days. The light is almost always sublime and all that I need is a camera, a light meter and a few rolls of 12o film. Today and tomorrow, I’ll be hoping for the same kinda light to show up. So far, so good. Man, do I love shooting on a Hasselblad.

412 foreva!

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Pirates 6, Phillies 3 : Most attended baseball game in the history of PNC

I love baseball. I love Pittsburgh and I love the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Never before have I been to a baseball game with such electricity in the air. Electric Charlie pitched seven stellar innings and despite running into a 9th inning jam, the Pittsburgh Baseball Club won Saturday night in front of 39,441 at PNC Park — almost 1,500 more than capacity. As the game wound down, deafening chants of “Let’s go Bucs!” roared throughout the stadium. Those who say Pittsburgh isn’t a baseball town don’t know what they’re talking about. We just desperately want a winner.

Let’s hope ‘cutch, Electric Charlie, Pedro and the rest can make that happen sooner rather than later.