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21 days

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It’s been 21 days since our first date. But was it even a date? She now admits she was ultra nervous and so was I. Ironically, the restaurant I picked was directly across the street from her apartment. I met her out front and my mind went blank. This is the worst possible thing to happen — I had nothing to say… I mumbled something about my friend Josh loving this restaurant and somehow that put her at ease. Conversation at the table quickly turned easy — the server had to come to us four times before we were ready to order.

Dinner was over all too quickly and we walked awkwardly back to my car. I wanted to see her more, but I didn’t wanna push things. I had no idea what she was thinking, but I did know that I wanted ice cream and that I wanted to keep talking to her on this beautiful late-June night.

Ice cream at Franklin Fountain it is! We walked to the river and talked for who-knows-how-long on Penn’s Landing.

(She has the most beautiful green eyes!!!)

Almost three weeks later she tells me she went home and told her roommate that our date (or whatever-you-wanna-call-it was) was horrible — that she talked too much and that she didn’t expect to hear back from me until we saw each other Sunday at church. I loved every second of that night and against my better judgment, texted her within the hour of walking her home. She kindly obliged and I knew this was headed in the right direction.

Apparently, she noticed me the very first week she came to church (April 10th). She asked the only two people she knew there who I was and she’s wanted to talk to me ever since.


Two weeks later (Easter), I noticed her. We shared a long glance, a look-away, and another long glance before the service started. I never talk to girls I don’t know, but on that day, I knew I had to. I was ready to go say “hello” during Passing the Peace and much to my dismay, I looked back and another young suitor had beaten me to her. Frustration itched inside of me and I kicked myself for not introducing myself sooner. Two days later, I wrote Paul an email about how I thought for sure she’d wanted me to go say “hi” but that I’d missed my chance…

In the following weeks, she was introduced to our group by the other suitor and it seemed they were clicking. Little did I know that all along she was hoping to get to talk to me.

There was the night that Chad and I devised the phrase “up to bat” to describe all the guys going after her and how ludicrous it was. That night, she and I shared a few looks, laughs and eye rolls that got me wondering what exactly might be simmering between us. I couldn’t think it was much of anything, but that if I ever wanted to talk to her down the road I’d need to keep a low profile now.

That was early May.

Two months later, I call her my girlfriend (this is still something that despite the reality of it all, isn’t connecting inside of my brain). We push the borders of delirium while staying up til four, five or six a.m. after hours of dancing. I’ve learned the bus routes to her house and spent untold dollars on cab rides home.

She loves spending time with me and I with her.

I can’t get over the surrealty of this all. And for now, I don’t want to. Where-ever this journey may head is anyone’s guess, but for now, I’ll take her hand and simply enjoy her remarkable company.


Sundays at 756 (1)

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15 August 2010

Summer turned Autumn without notice. Hundred degree days give way to thick grey clouds and damp breezes that loft themselves across the land. Silver is ripe for exposure. It has sat dormant for days too long. Processing is over-due.

Inside, the food is carefully prepared; lovingly cute. Cheese, pesto, green tomatoe. Slices of thin potatoe and onion are dropped in the hot pan. Coffee is carefully ground, the water boiled, the press set.

“Let’s run up on the roof. We’ll try a polaroid. I think it’ll work okay to-day. It’s coolish out and with these beautiful clouds in the sky, who can resist?”


Still too warm. The new film is still a little off. Everything comes up dark.

“Yo. I gotta roll. See you at four?”

“Nah, I’m on nights this week. Only slept three hours last night. I gotta get some rest.”

“Alright. Later on, my man.”