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Fiddle Creek Dairy Farm

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Tim & Frances

Tim & Frances


Tim Sauder


Baseball in the Red Rose City

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Blake Gailen | Lancaster Barnstormers

I love baseball in all forms.

Light leaks, dust, and Je’m.

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Je'm + Lucky

Je’m + Lucky

In my advanced photo class we learned how to let go a little bit; to be okay with light-leaks, film scratches, soft focus, bleached prints. I had a really hard time with some of that. I enjoyed messing up the print since the prints were easily reproducible. But I detested the idea of ruining the negative and sometimes I’d shoot an entire roll (12 images) of pretty much the exact same thing. Just in case. I barely do that anymore, but I still dust things obsessively and fear shooting all of my expired film because “what if I get a really good shot and ________?!”

I guess the world would end if that happened, wouldn’t it?

The film came back from the lab today and this photo was my favorite. It has a giant light leak across it (no idea how that happened). And when you shoot film, you can’t undo the light-leak like Afterlight or Snapseed tells you that you can.

And that’s okay.

Lighten up, David.

Old Man Winter (A Farewell; I hope).

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Snowy Saturday (January 2014)

Snowy Saturday (January 2014).

Long before this dreadful almost-over-winter set in, there was some semblance of peace brought about by the grey skies and whispy white snow. The days were bitter but beautiful. Snow enveloped the land in its soft cottony cushion and for just a moment, the busy city ground down, silence was at hand and we smiled beneath thew warmth of the heavy winter blankets wrapped around our frozen feet. The equinox has come and gone, the old man hasn’t lain in his grave yet. There was snow just three days ago and temperatures well below what is comfortable for the lamb part of March. It is different to-day, though, warm rain mists the cozy countryside. The coffee gets colder slower and baseball season is just two days away. Rest well, old man, and stay in your grave a little longer this year. We could all use a break from your howling winds and violent vortexes.

O, Bleakest Winter (Continue in Your Bleakness)

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Bleakest Winter. No Focus.

Bleakest Winter. No Focus.

Winter 2014

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January 2014

January 2014

This winter reminds me oh-so-much of the winter of my Junior year of college (2003). During my Junior project classes, the temperatures barely got above 20 and there was perpetual snow on the ground. This made it rather difficult to proceed with my figures in landscapes style of work that I was doing at the time. We tried once – on an 8 degree day. I don’t think we even made it through a roll of film that day.  A friend of mine hooked me up with a few indoor locations in downtown Lancaster and we got to shoot in the relatively warm (and snowless) interiors that was quite magnificent.

The above photo was shot at dusk a few Saturdays ago after a light snowstorm breezed through Central Pennsylvania. This scene was no where as light as the image makes it look. It was basically dark out. And yet it seems to capture this winter in its essence – blue, frigid, snowy.

There are plants in the potters in the basement. Spring is close. And it can’t come soon enough.

Some Film of Some Band (2004)

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I shot this in the fall of 2004 in an old warehouse/storefront that was later renovated into Annie Bailey’s in downtown Lancaster. I miss 4×5 film! This guy had a handlebar long before the hipsters made it fashionable. I don’t think I even knew what a hipster was in 2004… maybe I did. I think my roommate had some Hipster Handbook thingy from Urban Outfitters that we laughed at a lot. Oh, hipsters.

Thistle Finch Distillery (2)

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Thistle Finch. Batch Four.

Thistle Finch. Batch Four.

Industrial Resolution

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Night Songs

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