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tilt shifting pre-iphone (2002-2007)

Posted in B&W Photography, Farm Life, Fine Living Lancaster, iPhone, Lancaster by thebreakfastdictator on 07/30/2013

I learned to take photos on a view camera in 2002. The process is slow. Setting up a cumbersome 4×5 takes at least 15 minutes. One of the most fascinating features of the view camera was the tilt-shift. My work at the time tended toward the dream-like and this only helped to enhance that quality. When I took my first assignments for Philly Mag in 2004 and 2005, I’d take 10 pieces of Kodak transparency film, my 4×5, and a Polaroid back. 10 frames to get it right. That was a lot of pressure then. I think with the way technology moves now, it’d be even more pressure.

In 2009, I started shooting for a magazine in Lancaster County; Fine Living Lancaster. At the time, I was trying to perfect my over-lit/over-sharp/high pass look. About a year into our working relationship, they allowed me to slow down and shoot only black and white film for their fall fashion spread. It was magnificent (if you ask me!) and I wish I’d never put down my Hasselblad. Looking back, I wish I’d stayed true to my tortoise-like pace as a photographer, but for a time, I’d bought into instant gratification. There was a time too, when dust spots and film fog drove me up a wall. Now, there’s iPhone apps that allow me to add them to my images with great generosity.

Who have I become?

Clearly a walking contradiction.

My finacee has become my muse. She’s fantastic. I put her through hell and she doesn’t complain. She kneels on her feet for hours as she poses for me and then endures the allergens of farm life as we shoot local farmers till well past sunset on a day we rose well before dawn. She pushes me in my work and is my constant encouragement. I long for the day we don’t live 2 hours apart. She’s imperative to my photo-evolution.

Thank goodness because I don’t know what I’d do without her.