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Ambitions of an Arrogant Art Student (1999-present).

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There was a lot of nervousness surrounding Photo 110, Drexel’s intro to photography class for Photo Majors. The legend of Stuart Rome had plucked our eardrums and before even having spent a minute in his class, the freshman were all quite terrified of this mythic educator. There were a lot of things these youthful ears absorbed. By 2002, film would be obsolete, they said. Please, do remember, that at this time, digital cameras stored their images on 1.44 MB floppy discs and held no more than 12 images on them. How would film go the way of the do-do in just three and a half years?

The digital world was in its infancy. There were no Google Maps, only Microsoft Streets and they couldn’t tell you how to get to Abbey Camera in North Philadelphia. Primitive Yahoo! maps directed you to walk down Market then up Broad. Two hours later, there you were, on Melon Street in the North Philly almost-ghetto. The photo editors at the Triangle taught you how to develop film on metal reels and now you were told to switch to plastic. Go into the film loading closet. Cut the film and don’t forget your scissors, Sam Peltz got us all lectured for that just a few days before. Insert the film into the catch and sift the reels back and forth. Don’t let the film kink. It won’t develop properly.

You were certain that by 2002 you’d be a Sports Illustrated photographer. By 2000, you weren’t even a photo major anymore. And by 2002, you were again. People still used film. Lots of it. This time, getting to Abbey Camera was much easier and that light meter was $424. That’s a lot of coin, but 12 years later it still works perfectly. That’s less than $40 a year. Investments go far. Time off matured your photos and with that maturity came a taste of excellence and with that came a lot of arrogance. It takes a lot of time to recover from arrogance; it is a deadly sickness. Humility is hard; it’s next to impossible and every step toward it makes it that much harder to achieve. Twelve years later and it’s still hard to come by. Everyone else is a competitor and they must be quashed, right?

There was this online art community called Deviant Art. It was easy to put down people on there. You were a 24 year old know it all and the world needed your voice to achieve photographic excellence. Right? Right. Let them have it. No one knows what you know. You’re awesome. Let everyone else praise you — the soon to be famous man.

http://stuartrome.com/ | http://samuelpeltz.com | http://thetriangle.org/


Old Man Winter (A Farewell; I hope).

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Snowy Saturday (January 2014)

Snowy Saturday (January 2014).

Long before this dreadful almost-over-winter set in, there was some semblance of peace brought about by the grey skies and whispy white snow. The days were bitter but beautiful. Snow enveloped the land in its soft cottony cushion and for just a moment, the busy city ground down, silence was at hand and we smiled beneath thew warmth of the heavy winter blankets wrapped around our frozen feet. The equinox has come and gone, the old man hasn’t lain in his grave yet. There was snow just three days ago and temperatures well below what is comfortable for the lamb part of March. It is different to-day, though, warm rain mists the cozy countryside. The coffee gets colder slower and baseball season is just two days away. Rest well, old man, and stay in your grave a little longer this year. We could all use a break from your howling winds and violent vortexes.

What a Manly Beard

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