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Memorial Day Madness | 5/12ths of 2011, gone.

Posted in Uncategorized by thebreakfastdictator on 05/31/2011

Memorial Day 2005

When I meet new people, inevitably there’s a conversation about my choice of job-path. Normally, I try to avoid telling people I was once a photographer (and still do it part-time, only out of necessity or obligation), but many times someone else is there who loves to chime in “David’s not a contractor, he’s a photographer.”

Fewer things boil my blood.

I surely don’t mind talking about the brilliant photographer I worked for in New York during the Spring and Summer of 2003, Rodney Smith or other photographers who I found interesting during college such as Ralph Meatyard. In fact, I think those were the only two. I may have feigned interest in others but these two were the only two who really drew me in.

I think much of my disdain for the visual arts — photography, painting, sculpture, etc — stems from the fact that outside of pragmatic reasons, I find them entirely futile endeavors. I also became increasingly cynical after so many fellow students and/or self-proclaimed “artists” who I met along the way were lazy, talentless hacks who spent most of their lives not working and being productive members of society while constantly churning out exceptionally poor visual art. “I just wanna be an artist!” they’d proclaim, while I thought to myself “You stink. Get a real job”.

Eventually, I took my own advice.

I’m bitter. I’ll admit it. It bothers me that I spent nearly a decade and untold thousands of dollars on something I was at best, pretty mediocre at; my only hope these days is that I don’t ruin someone’s wedding and on the off chance I get an editorial, I hesitate to even send the files in as I fear the editors will hate them. I wish I could have spent my twenties building something worthwhile rather than flushing them down the toilet. I’m a few days from my 31st birthday and I have little to show for my life. I could have had a family and served my community and instead, I served only myself and learned how to use people and places for my own worthless and selfish pursuits.

Realizing this and starting over at age 30 isn’t the most wonderful of conclusions.

But, hey, you gotta start somewhere.


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  1. mike (@artisticdork) said, on 06/01/2011 at 8:39 pm

    While I agree with you on most points (hell, I even fall under a lot of them) there is something to be said about the perseverance of people who wish to get better and have a die hard desire to pursue something. That is a sought after quality in today’s aimless world.

    A friend of mine who had the drive and determination to be an illustrator lacked the skills he and many other people thought he needed. He didn’t just stop, he said fuck the haters and went to school, continued to try and now hes rocking out illustrations for galleries, editorial spots and all kinds of stuff.

    All that to say, you might not want to be a creative, you might not have the desire to work in the creative field, and that fine, but don’t knock it because you chose to leave it. For what its worth, you were pretty good at it, and did fairly well at it for a while.

  2. Jeremy Walter said, on 06/08/2011 at 10:26 am

    David, my brother.

    I read this in my RSS feeder, and just below this post, is the “DJ, Turn it Up” post which contains one of the coolest pictures I’ve ever seen taken of a bride and groom.

    Your claim that you’re not good is completely hollow.

    Plus, artists bring a lot to the world….. most people aren’t creative. Or said better: we all used to be creative as kids, but we’ve lost that creativity over the years. God called/calls us to be co-creators with him …. not just workers. We’re here to create. And artists, like you, do this more than most.

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