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Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Holiest of Weekends

Posted in Uncategorized by thebreakfastdictator on 04/22/2011

Oh, hey April, where’d you go? You feel like March again. The walk down 22nd and to the park was breezy. The girl from Dock Street and then Marathon crossed your path again, this time at 19th and Locust. She was wearing a red overcoat; fitting for February. Where is Spring? And how is it 8p.m. already?

easter flowers on wesley road

Meander through the park. Ten minutes from the south-west corner to Elixr. The tables are outside and it’s packed inside. Forget that.

The escalator is broken in B&N and stepping upward on it is a labor. Relief is found on the second floor and there’s dust a long the tile in here. That seems odd. I wonder when there wasn’t dust up there. Probably more recently than one would think. Look to the left. There’s a FedEx guy gathering the contents from the drop-box. Jeff says his name is Derek. Snag a photo with the truck in the background. You’d think that that wouldn’t be so hard; three shots and one marginal photo later… who can stand the guy on the corner staring at your iPhone while you took a picture of yourself?

Three times through the Park and a coffee craving later, there is Good Karma. Why does this place exist as it does and why is Lisa so hard to get a hold of…? The game rolls on and that’s part of the attraction.

I think I get it now.