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death to winter (an ode to march; or lent, day 13)

Posted in Uncategorized by thebreakfastdictator on 03/21/2011

hello spring, i barely recognize you

There was this night from my childhood that I remember so vividly and despite this fact, it would be so hard to put into words. I think something about watching the movie Deliverance last night reminded me of it. It’s little things you pick up here and there that take you sprinting back decades in your memory. All of a sudden, it’s the summer of ’91 again – the summer you learned how to swim, the second summer of three straight Eastern Division titles for the Pirates, the summer of learning how to lose while playing on a 1-15 little league team after having gone 14-1 and winning the league championship the year before.

We slept in that huge tent in Nate’s backyard. There was sand in it from their family trips to the beach. The moon was so bright and everything was illuminated in dark blue; a beautiful summer night. I think we spent a lot of summer nights out there. It’s a picture frozen in my mind. I can’t describe it anymore than I already have, but it’s there. I can see it and I lust for long summer days and cool, youthful nights where the two plus months of vacation seem to linger on forever amidst Little League games, sunburnt afternoons of Whiffle Ball and swimming in the deep end of the pool.

Man, was that really almost twenty years ago?


Will I remember today’s memories as fondly when I’m fifty-one?

Better yet, will I remember 1991’s?




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