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FedEx, Trevor and the Devil Wears Prada (or Lent, day 7)

Posted in Uncategorized by thebreakfastdictator on 03/15/2011

Trevor | 9 & Carpenter

There’s a guy I know from high school who delivers for FedEx in Philly. We loosely kept in touch via facebook starting sometime last year — usually discussing Philly or Pittsburgh sports. Sometime in the fall, he texted me a picture of some Penguins gear. A few weeks later, on a drive up 95, I sent him a picture of a FedEx truck and the beginnings of a really fun photo project began.

Everytime I saw a FedEx truck, I’d scramble to find my phone, open the camera, take a picture and text it to him. Sometime in January (or maybe February), I found him at the intersection of 8th and Spring Garden. Thirty some FedEx trucks later, I found him again, heading the opposite direction on 76.

Almost five months since that first random picture text, it’s become an obsession. Along the way I met a driver named Trevor – who wondered why in the world I was taking a picture of myself in front of his truck. A few weeks after that, I ran into him in Gleaner’s. I sneaked a photo of him from behind and while I was adding half and half to my coffee, he asked me to add some to his so he could keep moving. I happily, and giddily, obliged. Last week, I ran into Trevor again and snagged the above photo of him in the Italian Market. He recognized me and said “You’re the guy who put creme in my coffee for me!”.

It totes made my day.

And FedEx is totes an obsession.

A running account of the FedEx project can be found here.

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  1. Paul said, on 03/15/2011 at 11:41 pm

    yes. love it. email this post to fedex.

  2. Tim said, on 03/17/2011 at 5:03 pm

    I’m hereby tweeting this.

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