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A Soothsayer Bids You Beware the Ides of March

Posted in Uncategorized by thebreakfastdictator on 03/06/2011

Pittsburgh, from Grandview Avenue

Four years ago this week, I was just settling into my life in Pittsburgh. It was somewhere I’d wanted to live for a long time before that. The romance of a city one loves from a distance dies quick when settling into it with only a few contacts, an eternal amount of grey days in a relentless winter and a mere $100 in the bank. Spring came early in oh-seven (or at least we thought) and vanished a mite quicker in early April. It was snowing til Tax Day.

I never got my travel mug back from Douglass Dick’s restaurant. It was too out of the way to go back. I probably should have just eaten there. He is, afterall, Pittsburgh’s top chef.

Man, that was a gorgeous day. And the drive to Indiana was beautiful. It never felt so short.

Four years later, those flickr photos look so dated. And there’s not that many of them. I’d probably take a lot more if I lived there now.


I miss the Steel City and I can’t believe I live all the way across the state in a city that I loathed so much during college. The 215 is home now, and hopefully, I won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

On this warm and rainy Sunday, I look longingly at the past. A year ago, we were just about to start the Fagan job in Huntington Valley. Boy, was that a great job to get, especially as the spring began to near. The first few days there were raw and bone-chilling. By the time we painted in mid-April, the days were bright, sunny and oh-so-warm. The transition from death to life never gets old.

From death comes life.


Don’t stop picture-taking. Don’t stop writing. All the good future-memories that are in in-permanent (digital) record wouldn’t exist if you did. Obsess over it.

And enjoy your worries.

You may never have them again.


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