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Posted in Uncategorized by thebreakfastdictator on 03/06/2011

mom is 58

It’s easy for moms to go un-noticed. I’m not a mom, nor will I ever be, but part of me thinks that’s part of the job description. Being a child, and the first-born, I regret that we children let this happen.

Mom worked just as hard as Dad did, if not harder. Trucking around five kids all day, feeding them and making sure they’re well behaved is a monstrous task. On top of that, she’s expected to be the picture of perfection with dinner on the table by 6pm.

Man, talk about pressure.

Wake up. Take the kids to school in the ’84 conversion van. Drive 22-25 minutes home. Seth is sticking vitamins up his nose again at breakfast or lunch. Sarah follows suit. Laundry and cleaning and grocery getting. It never ends. The rest of the kids are home by 4 — gotta pick them up at the bus stop at the end of the road.

“Are you all doing your homework?”

“David, stop bothering Anna.”

“Anna, thanks for being good.”

“Lydia why are you so stubborn?”

“Oh no, the twins are throwing up again…”

It’s a tireless and thankless task, and now, even 20 some years later, Mom’s still at it — feeding us when we come visit and even cleaning up our messes.

So, dear Mother, thank you so much for tolerating our inconsiderateness. And thank you for loving us regardless.

Happy Birthday.


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