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an ode to 1999.

Posted in Uncategorized by thebreakfastdictator on 01/22/2011

smile face

Remember when it was 1999 and we listened to Oasis compulsively? when 80 songs on a hard drive was a ton? when nightly Quake II battles turned into epic struggles for Kelly 9 (and eventually Kelly vs Myers) dominance? when our RA, Jon, would incessantly write us up for being too loud and then join in on the fun? when staying up til 4 and getting up at 7 was the expected life expectancy of a good night’s sleep? when JB would dance to Baby Got Back? when Steve Ward had his shoes pooped in or when he got locked out of his room with only a towel on by Jessica? when the phrase “you have not enough minerals!” made sense?  when we all called each other by our computer game handles (Crotch, Merlin, Animal Cub)? when the cable went out during Super Bowl XXXIII? when we had no idea what Charlie was gonna do with 10 gigs of hard drive space? when 50 wings from California Pizza was an absolute delicacy?

I forgot about all of that ’til Wonderwall popped up on my Pandora station. Funny how one song can flood your mind with faded memories and fill them with color again.


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