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the blue shoot (11.22.09)

Posted in Personal Work by thebreakfastdictator on 01/10/2010


This is a simple test post, but since I’m doing this I’ll add a little bit of info about the shot.

A rather talented designer friend of mine (Melissa Choi of Senpai + Kohai) had been working with me on a few projects last year and she found a photo contest she wanted to enter with my help. W Magazine’s “Obsession” Contest ran at the end of the year and after several weeks of deliberating, we decided to go with a Picasso-inspired-blue theme for the Obsession.

We rented a studio in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. I constructed the set (having a background in construction is immensely useful!) and Melissa began designing clothes and prop-shopping/set styling.

A few weeks before the shoot, I’d worked with an incredibly talented hair and makeup duo from Lancaster — http://www.dfbstudios.com/ — to shoot the November cover of Fine Living Lancaster. They offered to travel to Philadelphia and style the shoot for free for me in exchange for some high res files.

In the end, we had some difficulty submitting to the contest, and weren’t able to via a glitch in W’s server or something that was never fully explained to me. Regardless, the images that we made were easily some of my best work from 2009 and more will be posted soon.



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